Home Made Bread Challenge

Home made white bread made with my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Last night I made bread.  I just used a random recipe online.  Currently I am still in the use someone else’s recipe stage.  Eventually I will branch out an make my own, but until then I will keep trying different online options.  This one had … Read moreHome Made Bread Challenge

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game Director: Morten Tyldum Writers: Graham Moore, Andrew Hodges (book) Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode Plot Summary The movie is set in 1939.  When Alan Turing tries to crack the Enigma Machine.  We follow him and his team of mathematicians as they build a machine to decipher the Nazi messages during … Read moreThe Imitation Game

Eagles Nest

Last weekend we took our kids to Eagles Nest in New Brighton MN.  The kids had a lot of fun and the place is amazing. Last Saturday we woke up as normal.  Amy made pancakes for the kids and I read the news.  It was a nice Saturday.  we had to decide if we were … Read moreEagles Nest

Online E-Commerce

The last few days I’ve been researching how to sell things on Amazon Seller accounts. After watching a few videos I see that there are a couple options. One where you can sell your old used things and another where you can sell new products. We have many things we have been planning on getting … Read moreOnline E-Commerce

The Big 5 Birthday

Yesterday my daughter turned five. What a mile stone. It has went buy so fast. There are so many things I’m proud of her for. She has really grown over the last few years. Looking back I remember when she couldn’t hold her head up and slept all the time. The times she would be … Read moreThe Big 5 Birthday

Dishwasher Repair Success

It’s done. Another dishwasher has been fixed. Last night I had to do a final repair on a dishwasher of mine. A Kenmore dishwasher the started leaking. It was a rubber seal where the diverter goes through the basin in the bottom of the dishwasher. It had started leaking underneath it had to be replaced. … Read moreDishwasher Repair Success

And The Market Drops

Last Friday the stock market had a nice little pull back. Then is continued into Monday. Basically wiping out all the gains it has made for 2018. Now this isn’t a big deal at this time since pull backs are healthy for the market. Especially since this one has had so few lately. Having said … Read moreAnd The Market Drops

The Day After

We made it. The super bowl happened. The town survived and now we begin the cleanup. If you get a chance read my other post about how I was against the city hosting and building the stadium. Now I wonder how long it will be or if we will get a report on how much … Read moreThe Day After

Sunday Update

Another week has passed and I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how the site is going. I’ve been adding to it almost everyday and I think it has came along rather well. I am proud to say I am happy with how it is turning out so far. Every day I learn … Read moreSunday Update

Dishwasher Repair

The other day I got a call about a Kenmore Dishwasher leaking from the bottom of the unit. Yesterday I went there and looked at it to see where and how the Kenmore Dishwasher was leaking. After running it and checking all the connections to make sure everything was secure i realized it wasn’t something … Read moreDishwasher Repair

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