Dishwasher Repair

The other day I got a call about a Kenmore Dishwasher leaking from the bottom of the unit. Yesterday I went there and looked at it to see where and how the Kenmore Dishwasher was leaking. After running it and checking all the connections to make sure everything was secure i realized it wasn’t something super easy.
The leak is directly under the motor assembly. It wasn’t the Easy stuff like the supply hose or drain tube. No misaligned spray bar. Nothing easy. Its a seal somewhere in the pump assembly.
I think its a simple rubber seal on the diverter control assembly. Its about a 5 dollar part. Of course you can’t buy it just buy yourself you need to get the whole gasket kit.
What should be a simple cheap fix is going to be much more. Since I have to buy the whole assembly I might as well do them all. That way if I’m wrong they are all done. The down side is if I was right I wouldn’t know if I was right or it was something else. I’ll try to update you when I get it done.

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