Eagles Nest

Last weekend we took our kids to Eagles Nest in New Brighton MN.  The kids had a lot of fun and the place is amazing. Last Saturday we woke up as normal.  Amy made pancakes for the kids and I read the news.  It was a nice Saturday.  we had to decide if we were going to go pre or post lunch.  The theory was that the morning would be less kids than the afternoon.  I wanted more kids so hey would have a lot of kids to play with.  They mostly only played with each other because there were so many kids.  The two of them play together really well.

The park is 2 stories split into 3 separate play floors.  You go in and get an arm band for the kids.  If your a member you get a discount and priorty check in.  The reason is that there is limited admission.  I can see why there is limited admission because the place was packed.  What a great idea and I don't see much competition.  When you live in MN you really do need an indoor park because it get to cold to be outside.  I'm sure during the summer it is much less active.

The kids play while the parents try to supervise but that is impossible since the place is so big. Amy was watching our son initially and they were in the toddler area.  I was watching our daughter.  There was a tall climbing area that she was playing on but the older kids were scaring her in how they were playing.  She then climbed up a tube.  Everything was going well.  I could see her and I felt I was doing a good job watching my kids.  Then my son got bored with the little kids area.  My wife switched with me and she watched our daughter while I took over my son.  That lasted about 30 seconds.  He was gone.  I tried to follow him in the adult areas and he was gone.  Walking back and forth I kept looking and I couldn't find him anywhere.  This was when I decided to just watch the door and make sure he didn't escape.  There was no way I was going to crawl and follow him through the whole area.

Its really clean and the staff regularly are cleaning up messes.  There were many times I saw someone come from behind the counter with a bucket of sawdust, a spay bottle, and a roll of paper towels.  I'm sure accidents happen all day there.  There were a few people that worked there keeping an eye on things and keeping a semblance of order.  Telling the kids not to play on stuff incorrectly.  The biggest issue was kids trying to go up slides the wrong way. This is one of the best parts of going to the park.  Going up the slide backwards is the parks biggest challenged.  Anyone can go down the slide the right way only the truly brave and best achievers can go up the slide.  Well its against the rules and they attendants will call you out for it.

The other amenities are great.  I saw a couple gyms and there were a few tables for parties.  The building has a library and other things I didn't get a chance to explore.  The place is great I and would definitely suggest visiting as I'm sure we will again.  Over all it was a great Saturday.


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