That was the end of the Season

If you know me I am not a sports fan.  This last Sunday my home State team The Vikings, went down yet again.  So close yet still no go.  The team has the notorious reputation for choking at the last moment and they’ve kept that dream alive.  Now since this year the super bowl is … Read moreThat was the end of the Season

Site progress

Happy Friday everyone. I wanted to take a little time and let you know how things are going. I’ve been steadily working on my web page and continue to add nice quality content. (What I think is quality content, let me know your opinion.) This week I have mostly worked on the home brewing part … Read moreSite progress

A balmy 24 degrees

What a glorious morning here in Little Canada Minnesota. Woke up to a nice 24 degrees out. This is a nice day in January up here in the northern states. Its supposed to get near 40 which is really warm. I hope it lasts but if it lasts to long I get worried about global … Read moreA balmy 24 degrees

Research, research, research, action

Learning more and more about setting up my web page. I know learning more and more about a topic is important but if you never act on that knowledge you might as well have never learned it. Currently I am trying to implement everything new I learn as I learn it, or at least implement … Read moreResearch, research, research, action

Washer Fluid Frozen

Well its almost below zero again today here in ice box Minneapolis, MN and I have the pleasure of having a frozen wind shield washer sprayer again. It seems like it is a never ended struggle to have a clean windshield. Even with the -15 rated fluid it still seems to freeze up. Let me … Read moreWasher Fluid Frozen

Incremental Progress

I’ve started to implement incremental progress.  Do something a little bit each day and watch the total grow.  Primarily doing with with my website.  Hoping to be a power house someday.  The reason I’m doing this is I need content.  That means everyday I’m going to try to put an hour into my web page … Read moreIncremental Progress

MN Winter

Here it is Jan in MN where it jumps from -15 to 30 in a span of 2 days.  Everyone loves it when the weather improves to a temperature that most states would say its freezing out.  I am not one of those people.  Just because someone loosens the thumb screws doesnt mean its all … Read moreMN Winter

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