The Imitation Game

Plot Summary

The movie is set in 1939.  When Alan Turing tries to crack the Enigma Machine.  We follow him and his team of mathematicians as they build a machine to decipher the Nazi messages during WWII.

Personal Review

My wife and I watched this the other night while our kids were sleeping.  We both felt it was a remarkable.  For a war movie it wasn't super loud.  There wasn't a full of explosions and gunfire like most World War II movies.  Most WWII movies are so loud you wonder if your about to waking the kids.  That was a nice change.

The setting and costumes were extremely accurate.  We had no problem putting ourselves into that time and era.  Through out the movie they would cut away to war scenes.  These scenes really express the desperate at the time to break the code.  The directors really get across the suffering the people went through.   I had no problem imagining what it would be like if it was my own town.  Imagining what it would be like to have your city bombed, like London, is horrifying.

The character development is stellar.  I can see why it won awards.  The personal decisions the characters all have to make are heart wrenching.  It showed how decisions and actions needed to win a war are all hard to horrible.  It really makes me happy I have never had to live through the difficulties and sacrifices people had to make during World War II.

The parts I liked the most were the depiction of the first computer.  The machine they create to break the code is fantastic.  Seeing a computer built mechanically is amazing.  They type of watch works and the mind that was needed to envision something is amazing.

Overall it was a great movie and I would suggest you see it.  We may watch it again just to see if there was any details we missed.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.

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