The Day After

We made it. The super bowl happened. The town survived and now we begin the cleanup. If you get a chance read my other post about how I was against the city hosting and building the stadium. Now I wonder how long it will be or if we will get a report on how much it cost and how much revenue it brought it. Maybe we are one of those cities that make a profit off the party but I won’t hold my breath.
Over the weekend on the home front I worked on taxes. What a dull process that is. Two day of just sorting papers and getting receipts ready. It would be so wonderful if we had a tax preparer to do this for us but alas it is me. Now is the time I start planning for this year’s deductions. Remember if you want to do your taxes right you start at the beginning of the year not the end.
This weekend I also worked a little on the site. Every week this site keeps getting more and more filled out. What I need to do is start adding more pictures. Currently this site is just a word press site but eventually as I keep doing this I will learn more and more and it will start to lose that cookie cutter look. Then hopefully it will really start to take off. The other thing I noticed is I lose a lot of views over the weekend. It would be really nice if I could change that pattern and get more on the weekend but I’ll just have to keep working on it and that should happen. Thanks again for all those that visit and help keep the dream alive.

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