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Baked Bread
Bread Dough in Pan
Dough halved
Just Raised Bread

Home made white bread made with my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Last night I made bread.  I just used a random recipe online.  Currently I am still in the use someone else's recipe stage.  Eventually I will branch out an make my own, but until then I will keep trying different online options.  This one had no milk and just a little butter.  There are many different types of bread you can make so try a few out.

The last time I made dough I put the yeast in too hot of water and it barely rose.  This batch was for cinnamon rolls.  They were good but I know I could do better.  When I took them out they were tough.  Good because of all the sugar and frosting, but the bread part was really doughy.

The other loaves I've made have been been tasty and good.  What I wasn't happy with is how heavy they are.  Every loaf has been thick.  All it takes is one slice and you've had a whole meal.  I looked online and I think it is the amount of flour I was using.  This batch I cut back on the flour and let the machine kneed the dough for a bit longer.

This time it turned out much lighter but only for half the loaf.  When I put the dough in the pan I used to much dough for each.  I halved the whole ball and filled the pans.  I had enough extra that I should have used a small amount for a pizza.  The bread that was inside the pan was rather dense and the top was real airy and light.

The next time I make bread I'm going to use a little less dough per pan.  I think I might be close to a nice, fluffy, light loaf of bread.

Making bread at home is really easy with our Kitchen Aid Mixer.  We use it all the time and it has really changed how we cook.  Since the Kitchen Aid does most the hard work we are much more likely to try something difficult out.

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