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The last few days I’ve been researching how to sell things on Amazon Seller accounts. After watching a few videos I see that there are a couple options. One where you can sell your old used things and another where you can sell new products.
We have many things we have been planning on getting rid of and so we decided to do the free sales version. There were a lot of videos on YouTube that talked about it but most had to do with selling actual private label products. We are still planning on selling our used and unopened stuff we have and I’ll have to do an update on how well that works.
When it comes to selling new products I’ve been looking at whole sellers and figuring out if there are any products I would use and still be able to sell. It looks like there are a lot of options and I’m really interested in doing something like this.
There are many things involved in setting up an ecommerce account. The first thing I wanted to do is create a company to do this all under. There are so many options on how to set this up. When researching them I was thinking of doing an s corp but the tax reporting is sort of off putting. I may decide to set the account up as an LLC. The nice thing about the s-corp is it’s easier to get investors involved since I can sell shares in the company to raise capital and have up to 100 investors. If I did a c-corp I could do as many investors as I want and even put my shares on the pink sheets but the tax implications and reporting is much more complicated. I’ll let you know what I decide later.
What really interests me in this is how much of a markup the products have based on what you can pick them up for whole sale. The main drawback is to buy them whole sale the usual min purchase is 500 units. So even if it’s a cheaper product it would still have a large initial investment and if they don’t sell I would have a lot of product just sitting in the basement.
If anyone out there has ever done this or has any suggestions let me know. Thanks again for checking out the page and don’t forget to follow me on social media and check back often.

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