Super Bowl Rant

Happy Friday everyone. Here in Super Bowl land in sunny MN, we woke to a glorious -7 degrees. This is why you don’t visit MN in the winter. Yesterday we woke to a bit of snow and the temperature has been steadily dropping. Now I’m not a sports fan, I also thought it was the … Read moreSuper Bowl Rant

Bad Delivery

The other day I got a call from a tenant that the heater in the upstairs bedroom had started on fire. This is worrisome because all fire is scary. Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt but I had to replace the heater. My wife and I went online and found a new heater … Read moreBad Delivery

State of the Union

Last night watched the Orange Clown of a President we have in the State of the Union.  The goal was to not put my politics on this site but I can’t resist. The President has done nothing to garner my respect or trust and I don’t see what people find appealing about him.  While I … Read moreState of the Union

Thanks for being a visitor

Just wanted to say thanks to those checking the site out every day.  I’ve been adding to it regularly and I’m happy to say I’ve almost reached the 10k words mark.  What I really need to figure out is how to get more traffic to the site.  I am still only averaging about 5 visits … Read moreThanks for being a visitor

Happy Monday before Super Bowl Sunday

So I work downtown Minneapolis and this week is the Super Bowl. The whole town is going crazy. Every ramp has raised the parking cost. The local stores all raised the prices. The people are everywhere. I’m not a sports fan and I’m not a big fan of crowds so I’m sure I probably won’t … Read moreHappy Monday before Super Bowl Sunday

Progress Report 2

Its been a great week. I’ happy to say I was able to get a lot added to the site. Just by working on it a bit each day I have created something I like. I’ve manged to get a little traffic to it but nothing like some people. I’ve been breaking up the week … Read moreProgress Report 2

Happy Friday everyone

Not much happened yesterday. Just another day at work and with the family. Looking forward to this weekend. We are taking the kids to the dog depot and I’m playing cards Sat night. I will also be installing a heater in a rental of ours and that should be about it. Hope everyone has a … Read moreHappy Friday everyone

Amazon Reviews

Since I started working on my website again I have also started leaving reviews on Amazon for the products we have purchased. I’m doing this for two reasons. One because I think it may actually help others and two to get practice writing review. My kids are spoiled. After looking at the list of things … Read moreAmazon Reviews

The new movie IT

Last night the wife and I watch the remake of the move “IT”. I thought it was good. I’m torn if it is better than the old one. It does follow the book a bit better but I thought the old Pennywise was scarier. The new version has a larger creep factor but the old … Read moreThe new movie IT

Snow Apocalypse Jan 2018

Made it through the first major snow for the state yesterday. We got over 12″ and it kept coming. There was also a lot of blowing so it was a battle to keep the roads clear. What usually takes me 30 min to get home yesterday took 2 hours. I scoff at the states that … Read moreSnow Apocalypse Jan 2018

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