Dishwasher Repair Success

It’s done. Another dishwasher has been fixed. Last night I had to do a final repair on a dishwasher of mine. A Kenmore dishwasher the started leaking. It was a rubber seal where the diverter goes through the basin in the bottom of the dishwasher. It had started leaking underneath it had to be replaced.
Initially I was hoping it was just a loose hose that I could easily fix but then I realized I need a new part. It was a two-step process for me since the part store was closed when I first looked at it. I’m happy to say after a couple hours and a 100 part the machine is up and running again. If I had someone come out and fix it the cost would have been much more. Assuming the repair call would have cost 150 and the part 125, since they always tack on a bit for the part, the total cost would have been 275 or more. Doing it myself saved me 175. So if I figure I spent about 2 and half hours working on it I saved about 70 bucks an hour. If I figure it based on a rough estimate of what I would have had to work at my regular job it would have been almost a full day’s work.
What I would suggest is try to do the repair yourself. The process of learning how to fix basic appliances is fairly strait forward. With the internet and youtube you can easily do most repairs yourself. The appliances are not that complicated and the parts are fairly easy to come by now with online ordering and home delivery. Unless you have an appliance part store in your town.
Over the years I’ve fixed all sorts of appliances using the internet. I’ve done dishwashers, fridges, washers and dryers, and even basic furnace stuff. It is well worth your time to do a little research and give it a shot. Other than burning down the house or electrocuting yourself, if you mess up you can still have the repair guy come and take care of it.
Let me know of any home repair stories you may have and thanks for stopping by.

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