The new movie IT

Last night the wife and I watch the remake of the move “IT”. I thought it was good. I’m torn if it is better than the old one. It does follow the book a bit better but I thought the old Pennywise was scarier. The new version has a larger creep factor but the old clown was much more disturbing. The new version seemed much more gore based than the older story based movie. One takeaway I’m looking forward to is they may make a second movie to finish the story. I’m looking forward to that since the old movie was after they had all grown up and had came back home to stop the monster. The new one was just them as kids. I just wonder if it will ever finish the second part or if it will always be a teaser. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “The new movie IT

  1. I was a little disappointed in this film. I was planning on being scared and it felt fake. I have never sat and watched the first “IT” so to compare I cannot. The movie started to pick up with action during the second half but I was really expecting more.

  2. It made about $700m worldwide, so we’ll definitely be getting a second (if not a third, fourth, etc…)

    I’m a little torn on it myself. I thought it was great immediately after seeing it in the theater, but my enthusiasm has waned since then. It’s not the least bit scary and I don’t feel any urge to rewatch it.

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