Snow Apocalypse Jan 2018

Made it through the first major snow for the state yesterday. We got over 12″ and it kept coming. There was also a lot of blowing so it was a battle to keep the roads clear. What usually takes me 30 min to get home yesterday took 2 hours. I scoff at the states that shut down from snow. In all my time on earth I have never seen the city shut down.
On the way home I saw many cars stuck and lots of people who should have bought new tires before the season started. If you drive in this weather a good set of tires is a must. There also needs to be a class on how to drive in deep snow and how to get a car out that is stuck. It was amazing how one car stuck would back up traffic for a quarter mile.
The other thing that would be nice is a way to show where the lanes are after it snows. I saw many 4 lane highways reduced down to 2 since no one knows where they end and start.
Well that is my rant for this morning hope everyone has safe travels and remember it will snow again.

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  1. To get the full MN snow driving experience, you need to have summer tires on, as narrow as possible, with a trade depth of 2/32″. Good luck!

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