State of the Union

Last night watched the Orange Clown of a President we have in the State of the Union.  The goal was to not put my politics on this site but I can’t resist. The President has done nothing to garner my respect or trust and I don’t see what people find appealing about him.  While I was watching him speak I felt greasy and wondered the whole time if he was lying or being honest in every statement  There should be no reason that I have to worry if the president is lying to me or not. Never before have I felt like I was being purposely deceived by the President.  None of the presidents I’ve been an adult through, Obama, Bush, or Clinton have created this type of feeling. Everyone knows all politician adjust the truth a bit but this guy gives me the feeling of blatant lies. Today I’ll have to look at the fact checkers and see how much of what he said was actually true and how much was pure false.
The other thing I know is that whatever he said last night may not make it through the first morning show since he is inconsistent as can be. I’m so looking forward to 2020 when hopefully the American people send this guy packing. Just a small political rant for you all this morning.

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