Bad Delivery

The other day I got a call from a tenant that the heater in the upstairs bedroom had started on fire. This is worrisome because all fire is scary. Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt but I had to replace the heater. My wife and I went online and found a new heater to install and put an order in. This was all pretty normal and things were going fine. Then the delivery got pushed back. Then it got pushed back again. My wife contacted them and they waived the shipping and said it would be there the next day. So yesterday it was there and I went to install it. Everything was going fine until I opened the box and started looking at the new unit. The top printing was all smeared and messed up. I thought that was odd since that usually doesn’t happen. After taking the unit out of the box I noticed the paint was all chipped, the front was all dented in and the logo had been broken off. Upon even further inspection I noticed the whole internal part of the unit had separated from the frame. This thing had been horribly damaged. It looks like it was used or thrown around during shipping. None the less I will have to return it and get a new one. I love delivery and will use it again but this is the sort of stuff that happens from time to time. When we get the new one and I get it installed I’ll try to update everyone on the new project.

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