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Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. 

Welcome to my Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fan page.  I created the page to discuss and give people an idea of what the story is about.  The goal is to have people express their ideas and fan theory about Jordan’s epic series.  Even though the Wheel of Time series has been completed it is still fun to discuss the events and hints throughout the series.  It is amazing how each book had hints of what was going to happen next and how easily it was to miss them while reading through it.  These teasers in each book of the Wheel of Time really made in the series re-readable.  Now that The Wheel of Time has been finished it is fun to go back and clear up those predictions and find those parts that predicted what would happen next.

While The Wheel of Time was being written I would regularly go to forums and join in the discussions of what people would think would happen.  It was great fun discussing this and I will miss the time and community that grew up around each book in the series. 

Below I have written a synapsis of each of the books.  Please comment below and follow my page so you can join as people contribute.


The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World is the first book in the series.

This book starts out introducing the reader to the main characters Rand, Perrin, and Matt.   We also get to meet a lot of importation secondary characters.  It starts with the group leaving the comforts of their home and starting on a journey being chased by monsters and evil and the initial journeys that will develop each of their main attributes. 

This is still my favorite book of all the series since it was my first and always brings back great memories.

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The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is the second book in the series.

What I really like about this book is we get to see what each characters specialty is.  We learn what part each character is going to play in the series and how they will play them.  The characters really start to develop and its a fast paced book. 

When I first read it I thought maybe this would be the last one.  Thankfully I was wrong.


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The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn is the third book in the series.

The best part of this book is the ending.  I'm not saying that the rest was boring but with this one Jordan really gets his legs and delivers a great climax.  It also sets the standard for the rest of the series on how the buildup is played out in the final chapters.


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The Shadow Rising

The Shadow Rising is the fourth book in the series.

The fourth book in the series we now get to see how the Rand is really coming into his own.  The nervous youth is being  burned away and the man within is emerging.  No longer are they main characters young boys but are filling into the roles that were destined for them.



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The Fires of Heaven

The Fires of Heaven is the fifth book in the series.

The desire to have a mentor and teacher are littered through out this book.  It shows that even having a flawed teacher is better than going it alone. 


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Lord of Chaos

Lord of Chaos is the sixth book in the series.

This book really is the graduation of Rand in become who he must in the series.  The story is great and the ending shows Rand that it is time to put childish things away and stand on his own. 


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A Crown of Swords

A Crown of Swords is the seventh book in the series.

Here we find Rand trying to take a first step in what he thinks he should be doing.  Everyone is telling him what to do and how to do it and yet he is trying to go his own way.  Here we find the folly of his actions and possible repercussions of not working with others.



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The Path of Daggers

A Path of Daggers is the eighth book in the series.

In The Path of Daggers Rand finds the limits of his abilities.  Everyone must learn limits and it is also when he learns that betrayal may come at any point. 

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Winter's Heart

Winter's Heart is the ninth book in the series.

In Winter's Heart Rand learns that others are on his side after the betrayal in the previous book.  Then he goes and does a miracle that will only be topped by the final book.  The ending of this book is worth multiple readings.



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Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight is the tenth book in the series.

We learn the terrible price that was paid for Rand's miracle in the last book.  The back lash has shaken Rand's mental stability and things turn dark.  While he recovers he learns how to lean on others and have them work on his behalf.



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Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams is the eleventh book in the series.

In this book Rand is once more tricked.  Most of the book is setting up and showing how the world is falling apart.  It is also here when the damage he took from his miracle is exposed to the world. 


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The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm is the twelfth book in the series.

In The Gathering Storm is when Rand starts to pull together the nations of the world and clean up some past issues.  He is loosing his sanity and worries those around him.  It is now that we see he has completely cut himself off from everyone and in so doing has created a monster within himself.



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Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight is the thirteenth book in the series.

In Towers of Midnight Rand has finally reached his nirvana and begins to health the world and offset the evil that has beset it.  It is here we see that the world may have a chance at success.  I would say this is the book showing Rand's final journey in the series from young adult to grown man.  It also sets the stage for the final book. 


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A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light is the fourteenth and final book in the series.

The book A Memory of Light is a pure climatic ending to the whole series.  From page one to the last page it is packed with conclusion after conclusion of plot lines.  Battle after battle, and is impossible to put down.  What a great end cap for a stellar series.


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