Progress Report 2

Its been a great week. I’ happy to say I was able to get a lot added to the site. Just by working on it a bit each day I have created something I like. I’ve manged to get a little traffic to it but nothing like some people. I’ve been breaking up the week into chunks. One day I work on content, then one I work on driving traffic, one day of study and learning how to design and change stuff, then a day of free time to work on whatever I want.
For the first week I would have to say I averaged a very low 5 visitors a day. I’ve been posting on other media sites and blogs trying to generate a little traffic. I’m sure this will pick up as I add more articles and get better at SEO. The main reason I think I’m not get much traffic is my content. I haven’t got anything that a lot of people are looking for. The sites out there are so much more advanced and rate way above my site but I will get my site there eventually.
This next week I’m gonna work on getting more images on the site. Right now it’s mostly text based. I like to read but I’m sure others would like something to look at.
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