Washer Fluid Frozen

Well its almost below zero again today here in ice box Minneapolis, MN and I have the pleasure of having a frozen wind shield washer sprayer again. It seems like it is a never ended struggle to have a clean windshield. Even with the -15 rated fluid it still seems to freeze up. Let me … Read moreWasher Fluid Frozen

Incremental Progress

I’ve started to implement incremental progress.  Do something a little bit each day and watch the total grow.  Primarily doing with with my website.  Hoping to be a power house someday.  The reason I’m doing this is I need content.  That means everyday I’m going to try to put an hour into my web page … Read moreIncremental Progress

MN Winter

Here it is Jan in MN where it jumps from -15 to 30 in a span of 2 days.  Everyone loves it when the weather improves to a temperature that most states would say its freezing out.  I am not one of those people.  Just because someone loosens the thumb screws doesnt mean its all … Read moreMN Winter

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