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The Great Hobby of RC Helicopter Piloting

When deciding on a new hobby I would suggest RC Helicopter piloting it is a great past time.  It’s fairly easy to get into and you can get a RC helicopter from many different places.  The technology has advanced dramatically in the RC Helicopter world.  You have an option of getting micro helicopters all the way up to very large.  Here is the story of how I got interested in the exciting world of RC Helicopters.


Rc Helicopter Flight

How I Got Started

I’ve been flying RC Helicopters for quite a while now.  I started before the advent of the quad copters, more commonly referred to as Drones.  The first RC Helicopter I received was from my wife.  She picked me up a couple of these little micro choppers from the mall.  They couldn’t do much but go up and down and maybe turn a little.  The controls where horrible but the novelty was great.  From there I was hooked. 

The second RC Helicopter I purchased was a mCP S series.  I was at the hobby shop trying to pick out a RC Helicopter that I wanted and didn’t know anything about them.  Typically when I start a new hobby I know I’m going to be in it for a bit and needed something I could grow into.  The little RC Helicopter I had got from the mall was already boring and I had done all I could with it.  The new Helicopter needed to have a little taller of a skill curve. 

Buying my first RC Helicopter

I was explaining this to the sales person and they suggested I get the Blade mCP S.  At the time it was the smallest RC Helicopter that Blade had come out with.  He told me it would take a bit to learn how to fly it but when I had it figured out I would be able to do everything a RC helicopter could do.   I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.

Unboxing was great.  I took my new RC Helicopter out of the box.  Plugged the batteries in to get a first charge and waited.  In a few minutes I would be able to fly my first Professional model RC Helicopter.  The batters where charged, my controller was linked, and my RC Helicopter was twitching with electric nervousness.  A couple tests of the controller and I it was coming to life

Rc Helicopter fun crash

My First Flight 

Everything is ready, I take a breath and give it some juice.  It takes off up into the air and right back down.  Crashed it within the first 30 seconds of flight.  Well I just learned there is quite a learning curve.  Set it up again, give it some juice and the same thing happens maybe a little longer but I crashed again.  This time I broke something.  After looking it over I realized I broke the tail rod.  Well I was done flying for that day. 

This is when I started watching a few videos to see what I had done wrong.  Apparently learning to fly a fixed pitch vs collective pitch is a major difference.  The first RC Helicopter I had was a fixed pitch and it would pretty much stabilize itself.  My new collective pitch RC Helicopter I had just got was a much different beast.  So I watched some experts learned a bit and picked up a new part.

rc helicopter fun trainer

Round Two of Learning to Fly

Ok, now I’ve got everything ready and it’s time for round 2.  I take it very slow and get a good 3 inches off the ground and land it again.  My first success.   I start it up again get a few inches off the ground and start moving forward and back.  Land and success 2.  This is the next week of my flying experience with collective pitch.  It was a learning curve but after about a week of taking it slow I really got the hang of it and could do all the basic moves.  Hover, turn, move back and forth, side to side, and it was really getting easier.  I did have a few more crashes and few more broken parts but I was hooked.

rc helicopter fun inverted

The Rest is History

That is the story of how I got hooked.  I hope you enjoyed reading how I got into and succeeded in Piloting RC Helicopters.  I hope you have as much fun as I have over the years.  Please check out my other articles and reviews.  Also don’t forget to comment and subscribe.


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