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There is one thing I' sure we all love.  Movies.  Welcome to my movie suggestion page.  There are so many great movies out there and I'm always looking for suggestions and recommendations.  Here I have listed movies I've seen and those I would suggest you check out.  Like most people I started out loving movies at a young age.  Now I've seen more movies than I can count so stop back often because I add movie reviews regularly. 

The Walking Dead

I would say this is the best zombie soap opera out there.  I’ve been a fan since the first season and look forward to every premier.  My wife and I watch each episode together and I hope it has a long run.  The premise is basic.  Zombies take over, but they call them walkers.  Those that survive band together to make their way through the world and try to survive.  The first couple seasons it was just them against the walkers and the internal struggles with who is in charge.  Who needs to go, and the interpersonal developments of each character.  As the series progresses it becomes much more of a struggle against the remaining humans and less against the Walkers.  The interpersonal challenges within the group are the main constant of the series next to the Walkers but that’s what makes it a soap opera.  I really suggest watching the whole series and I hope it last for many more. 

Breaking Bad

If you haven't seen this series yet your in for  a treat.  Breaking Bad and its great cast of characters will pull you in from the first episode.  Walter and Jessie lead a long and convoluted adventure as they slide deeper and deeper into criminal enterprise.  The writing was and scene shots were stunning.  This is a must watch.  Binge worthy.


Great movie.  I am rather torn about if I like it more than the old version but that could purely be my nostalgia of being a kid.  We bought watched IT one Saturday when the kids went to sleep early.  Its not as creepy or scary as the first one if you ask me.  It's much more gory and adult themes but the creep scare goes to the original.  Still a good movie and I would suggest a late night watching

Better Call Saul

What a great series.  I started out as a Breaking Bad fan and really enjoyed that series.  The spin off Better Call Saul is just a good in my opinion.  I enjoy sitting down to watch each new episode and patiently wait till the next season starts.  I will be eventually going through each episode soon on my blog page so stay tuned.

The Men Who Stare at Goat

This was a great date flick for if your not stuck watching a romance.  I Found the premise to be amusing and the characters are great.  The actors are all top grossing lead stars.  It feels like they decided to do this movie for fun and not just for the paycheck.  Each persona worked well with each other.  The topic of Psychic Jedi is a great jab at popular culture and a throw back to the sixties alternative life style.  My wife and I had a good laugh and I would suggest you check it out if your looking for a light comedy.

Resident Evil Series

This is a guilty pleasure of mine.  The movies or bad based on standards such as plot, and everything else but I like action films.  I especially like action films that have zombie like monsters.  Typically when I watch this series is when I’m playing another video game like Civilization or Sim City.  It’s the type of movie that you can have running in the back ground and not have to pay attention to.  The plot is so basic that if you miss anything it doesn’t matter.  It’s just a non-stop shoot-em up monster flick.  My friends can’t stand the series but I still think it’s worth watching.  Pure mindless action.

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