The Books I’ve Enjoyed

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Reading is one of the best things you can ever do.  Each year I try to set a goal of one book a month.  Some years I succeed others I fail but each year I try again.  I once read a great quote.  “If you don’t read you will only live one lifetime but if you do you will live many” I’ve always taken that to heart since each book has a life of its own.  Please check the books I’ve read and what I thought of them.  

The Wheel of Time

By Robert Jordan

I started reading this series in high school and didn't finish till I was an older man.  It has been with me for years and is an old friend.  I have read all the books multiple times and spent many hours talking with friends about them.  You can see more in depth discussion and the other books here.

The Stand

by Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.  He has written so many books that I have not been able to read them all.  My favorite would have to be The Stand.  It’s a long novel but totally worth the time put into reading it.  The favorite part of the book for me is the beginning when everything is starting to fall apart and he jumps from personal narrative to personal narrative.  The thing I really like about Stephen King's writing is you don’t need to sit down and read it straight through.  The writing style is easy to pick up and put down without feeling you’ve lost the flow of the story.   If you are new to his books I would really suggest reading The Stand.

The Dark Tower

by Stephen King

Over the years I have read many book series.  The series The Dark Tower is right near the top of my list.  When I first started reading the series it hadn’t been completed.  This is common with most the series I have read over the years and this series took the longest.  There is another series that is giving it a run for the money but I’ll put that in a different post.  This is the story of a Roland and his trek to capture the man in black.  The story has a lot of political and social commentary and pulls in characters and story lines of his other books.  The Dark Tower is a great read and I suggest it to everyone.  Click here to read a more in depth description of each book.

The Road

by Cormac McCarthy

The Road is a story of the end of the world.  We follow a father and son as they travel through the US after some sort of global disaster.  The book never really says what happened whether it was a nuclear war or something else.  They go through many hardships and the dialog between the two is mesmerizing.  It was later made into a movie and the movie was close to the story line in the book but didn’t give it justice.  For a book that is about the end of the world the focus is mostly on the personal interactions and morality of the characters portrayed.  I really like the difference of focus compared to other end of the world type of stories.  The Road is a great read and I would suggest it to anyone even those that don’t read a lot of Sci-fi. 

Player Piano

by Kurt Vonnegut

My first introduction to Kurt Vonnegut was this book The Player Piano.  A friend of mine from high school gave me a copy and said I would enjoy and I’ve read it a couple times since.  I have also given away a couple copies to friends to read.  It’s a story of a dystopian future where everything has been automated.  Society has been broken into two basic classes. The wealthy engineers who run society and keep everything going and the poor displaced workers that have had all their jobs automated.  It’s a great story of how pure faith in technology has displaced most peoples feeling of self-worth.  After reading this first story by Kurt Vonnegut I have read most of his other stories since I enjoyed the satirical humor he has come to be known for.  If you’re looking for a good book that pokes fun at society and is relevant to today’s rush to automation this is the book for you.

Ender's Game

by Orson Scott Card

When I came across this great book I was in my mid thirty's.  I wish I had found it when I was younger.  Its a great novel about coming of age.  In a world full of stresses and the fears of adolescence played out in the battle to protect the earth.  The book revolves around the main character Andrew "Ender" Wiggin.  He has been selected for an advanced space military school and is separated from his family.  We follow him through his journey.  He will have to deal with the separation from his family.  Train in the most aggressive and fast paced regiment available.  This all while being told that if they don't do well enough quickly the world will end.  Its a great novel and I really enjoyed reading it.

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