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I trade options based on technical analysis.  I typically use trading range and trends to do a combination of credit and debit spreads.  In order to limit my risk I stay away from naked or uncovered positions.  My other passion is Real Estate investing.  I currently own a couple rentals and helps offset my living expenses.  I am always looking for new investment and income streams so let me know if your interested in discussing.  Thanks.

My Story

I graduated high school in Sioux Falls, SD, then moved to Minneapolis in late 1995.  Thanks to a friend letting me stay on their couch while I got established.  I only had 500 dollars to my name at the time.

After moving to Minneapolis I started work at a temp agency doing collections calls for Retailers National Bank on Mervyn’s Credit Cards.  It was a late shift and not very rewarding.  It was here that I was first introduced to Real Estate.  A fellow co worker had become a Realtor and brought me a few listings to look over.  I started doing the math and realized it was near impossible for me to buy something but the seed had been planted.

At the time I had been going to school part time and working full time.  Working and going to school didn’t work for me. I was always tired and I wanted to have a social life.  After being late and missing a few days of work due to partying I was eventually fired from collections and had more time for school.  This is when I started looking for a new job since my savings wasn’t going to last long.  It was in 98 that I started working for the phone company and making good money.  It was a union job and paid well but the hours made it impossible to continue going to school.  I never finished college but I was making more than most people with degrees since it was a union job.  It was at this job that I started learning more about investments and Real Estate.  They even had a program that paid for me to get my Real Estate Sales License.  It was then that I really got hooked on rental property and starting working on getting my first property.  This was during the start of the real estate bubble.  I had sold a couple houses as a part time Realtor and full time phone guy.

One year after I had gotten my license I was laid off from the phone company.  I was horrible at marketing my Real Estate sales and eventually had to move back in with my parents.  This is when I was rehired by the phone company.  While I was making decent money again I hated it.  After being out on my own I knew this wasn’t the job for me so I quit and went back to school.

I am not a college guy.  It didn’t last long.  After the first semester I dropped out and got a new job.  I was now in my early 30s and living in my parents basement with no money or savings and I knew I needed to find another job.  Thankfully I still had a passion for investments and business so I figured I should get a job where I will learn about what I like and get paid.  I went to work at the bank as a personal banker figuring I would learn about banking while I saved up to buy a new house.  This worked well until I learned all I could and figured it was time to move on.

The bank taught me about loans and bank accounts but didn’t teach me anything about investing.  This is when I  went into financial advising where I got my Series 7 and insurance licensing.  I was in heaven.  I loved the investment side of things unfortunately I am no good at getting clients.  The good thing is this helped me afford my first rental property.  I bought my first duplex in 08.  This was right after the crash and before they shut off the grant programs and loose lending standards.  I bought the place with nothing down and walked away from closing with 3000 in my pocket.  I lived in one unit and rented out the other while having a roommate.  Between the rent and roommate I had no mortgage payment.  This was great but instead of saving I bought all the things I had been putting off for the last few years instead of saving for a new property.

I lived there for a few years until I met my wife and had my first child.  We moved into her house and I started working on the phones taking stock trades with a local brokerage house.  I climbed the ladder till I was working in a specialty team working for high net worth advisors and their clients.  I leaned a lot about investing, different types of accounts and ownership’s and how rich people invested.  It was a great learning experience.  I also started selling Real Estate again part time.  I got a little better and when my daughter was born I quit working at the brokerage firm and started Real Estate full time again.  Having a new born and trying to get my business off the ground was difficult.  One night while my family slept a friend posted that my old telephone company was hiring again and I applied that night.  The next morning they called and offered me the job.

My daughter was about 9 months old and we put her in day care while I worked full time and did Real Estate on the side.  My wife and I started looking at properties and putting together a plan on getting another one.  After a couple years of saving we had our son.  We were getting close to having enough for a down payment .  Instead we stayed home for the 1st year of our new sons life.  We each took turns staying home for 30 days at a time to raise him.  It was the best thing ever but ate deeply into our savings and so we had to start saving again.


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Please feel free to send me a message about anything you like or dislike about my page.  It is currently in the initial stages and I keep trying to improve it.  Thanks

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